[Video] Watch Sauropods: The Biggest Dinosaurs Ever!

Learning about the bygone massive, powerful animal species – dinosaurs – is always interesting and captivating. Anyone who has watched dinosaur movies such as Jurassic Park has wanted to see them up, close and personal.


While we cannot do anything about the past, we can always relive the dinosaur era, thanks to science and technology. Let’s start with the biggest dinosaurs ever to have graced the earth – sauropods.

One of the most well-known sauropods, the Brontosaurus and Brachiosauras roamed the earth in search of food and traveled in herds in order to protect their young ones. Surprisingly, these huge dinosaurs were mostly herbivores.

Here is a 2:30 min self-explanatory video of sauropods, presented by DiscoveryDinosaurs. This YouTube channel has a lot of children-friendly, knowledgeable, dinosaur videos to give them a glimpse of the lost era.

Dinosaurs went extinct roughly 65 million years ago, giving us the gift of fossil fuels that we enjoy in our everyday lives now. Although the reason for their extinction is not clear, National Geographic believes that there are two theories surrounding this event. One is that they could have perished following a massive extraterrestrial impact, such as a comet collision with the earth. The second theory is that the mighty species could not bear severe volcanic eruptions in that period. None of the theories have been substantiated.

Dinosaur Image
Illustration of Baryonyx based on fossil evidence from Surrey, UK which dates back 125 million years, with polacanthus on the far shore and brachiosaurids in the distance. Illustration by John Sibbick.