Farah Khan’s latest step will melt your heart!

Director Farah Khan known for her flamboyant masala movies has adopted two cute looking pups as the play-buddies for her children.

In a Facebook post, Farah also revealed that the pups have been named as Gulab-Jamun. The lucky pups stole the heart of the family and found themselves getting adopted soon after.

A doting Farah posted another pic that had the pups and her kids and called the moment ‘special’ for the “Hum Paanch” gang!


The high-profile adoption by a leading Indian director will also warm the hearts of animal lovers who insist on ‘adoption’ instead of buying pets.

Earlier too, Bollywood stars like Imran Khan have set an example for their fans when they chose to adopt dogs.

Imran’s love for his late dog Tony persuaded him to ask his fans to adopt and not shop. Tony was thrown into the streets by his previous owner who did not bother to even take him off the leash. It was then, that Imran rescued him and brought Tony home.


Model-turned-actor Dino Morea also posed with his rescued dog-friend Slidey for PETA in an atheistic shoot. Slidey was rescued by Dino’s parents after the actor’s younger brother saw it being attacked by kids on the streets of Bengaluru.


Actor Kapil Sharma too chose to adopt lovely doggie pal Zanjeer and gave him a loving home.


But actors are not the only ones declaring their love for their rescued canine pals.

Indian Cricketer Mahendra Sindh Dhoni is another celebrity who believes in adoption. He adopted cute little Leah in 2013.


Hollywood actor Pamela Anderson also adopted a cute little pup called ‘Pyari’ and gave the little one a loving and caring home. Pyari which means the ‘loved one’ in Hindi was adopted when Pam was in India for an appearance in Bigg Boss 4 as a guest.



Now with Farah’s sunshine act, the homeless pooches are back in the news and hopefully they will see brighter days ahead!