Jennifer Winget: Feminism is still the more dirtier F-word

Jennifer Winget, feminism, Women's Day, 2017

Jennifer Winget needs no introduction! As a woman of substance, she is India’s best-known stars but the girl has some tough words to say on gender equality as well.

In a hard-hitting post, Jennifer Winget shared her feelings on the Women’s Day:

SOooo today is’nt Women’s day and I’m still having quite a wonderful day, feeling upbeat, happy and working hard to be successful. Importantly, doing this all by myself and I’m certain and determined to continue for the rest of the 364 days in the year!
Yesterday we were reminded we were special, social media dedicated their best cheesy messages and companies shared videos they had produced particularly to cash in on the day.
But are we back to making this world less comfortable for our women, today? We love them, but let’s respect them first. We’re in love with them, but maybe a tad bit more than usual to obsess with what we think they should wear and do.

Feminism is still the more dirtier F-word, so why put our Feminist sashes on and celebrate womanhood just for one day?

It was #InternationalWomensDay yesterday but sadly, we celebrated Hypocrisy.

Now after reading the thoughts of Jennifer Winget, know what India thinks of gender equality as per PEW research!

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