Kangana Ranaut reminisces on her journey in film industry (Video)

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New Delhi, June 27, 2021: Sharing a fan-made video film industry’s leading actor Kangana Ranaut explained her struggles while working at a young age.

Sharing the video below, Kangana Ranaut said:

This is what growing up in the film industry looks like, I was a minor when I started working, I suffered a lot because I should have been in school studying and playing not struggling to make a career that too without parents or proper understanding and guidance of film industry but it also gave me a lot of time if today I feel after starting from a scratch at 16 and struggling for more than a decade to achieve success I can still start from a scratch at 34 and build my own studio and be a successful filmmaker because I have time …

I truly believe in what Krishna said in Geeta, everything that appears bad has some good in it and everything that appears good at the surface definitely carries the seed of some bad in its womb… whether or not we see it that’s our problem but that does not change the nature of reality.

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