KRK: Ashutosh Gowariker Should Be Hanged For Mohenjo Daro

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In India, Mohenjo Daro opens tomorrow but movie critic KRK has already blasted the film that stars Hrithik Roshan with newbie Pooja Hegde.

Calling Mohenjo Daro as the worst film that he saw, KRK went after the director, Ashutosh Gowariker for making the movie. In his own words:

He also called Mohenjo Daro the cheapest and worst historical film ever made in India and demanded that the director association suspend Ashutosh Gowariker’s membership for ‘such a joke.’

KRK wrote:

#MohenjoDaro is one more proof that no actor hear the script n each actor does a film for a director n big banner only.

I will give you 5000 if you will watch #MohenjoDaro without abusing director, actor n producers. It’s my challenge to each one of you.

KRK had earlier tweeted that the budget of the movie was really high and therefore it would need 300 crore at least to merely recover the investment.

He had also said that the movie looks like the copy of  blockbuster Bahubali so why will people watch it instead of Bahubali2?

In short, he was not too enthused about the movie, to begin with. But then this movie opens tomorrow and negative reviews may harm its business.

Before that KRK had reviewed Rustom and he gave a thumbs up to the director:

KRK also gave his video review of the movie Rustom that our readers can watch here:

In short, in his view, Rustom should do solid business while for Mohenjo Daro, well, we know it didn’t make him happy at least. Too bad because earlier KRK was really rooting for the Mohenjo Daro babe Pooja Hegde against the current crop of Bollywood heroines!

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