Old post of SS Rajamouli on caste system ignites debate!

SS Rajamouli, Caste system, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

SS Rajamouli is the flavor of the season and with Baahubali 2: The Conclusion doing a spectacular business he is definitely all smiles.

But there is a slight problem; an old posting of SS Rajamouli is being debated by his fans. The post is on the caste system which can be read below:

We learnt The Caste system from Manusmrithi was based on our lifestyle and not by birth. Mr.Prasad, A gentleman whom I play tennis with, told me a better expansion.
Panchama Jaathi(Untouchables) One who depends on others for his living.(Parasite)
Sudra One who lives for himself and his family.
Vysya One who makes profit for himself as well as for the person with whom he is trading with.
Kshatriya One who eats after the people under him have eaten.
Brahmin One who first learns and then teaches… SS Rajamouli via twitter

He also shared his musings on his Facebook account. A screenshot of the post is below:


This is the conversation on Twitter dated October 4, 2012:


Now, it is natural that people are debating the merits and the demerits of the caste system on his Facebook account:

Facebook wall of SS Rajamouli is filled with such comments today.
Facebook wall of SS Rajamouli is filled with such comments today.

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