Sunny Leone slaps a journalist for asking ‘obscene’ question

Sunny Leone, Bollywood, Porn, Hot, One Night Stand, dance, song

Sunny Leone slapped a journalist for asking a question that left her fuming.

The incident happened when Sunny leone had come to Gujarat

The journalist had asked  the porn start how much she charges for night events now as she has become a Bollywood celebrity. Sunny Leone first asked the journalist to repeat the question and then slapped him leaving him angry.

The Bollywood starlet was in Surat for a Holi fest ‘Play Holi with Sunny Leone’. Here she also danced on Bollywood songs  for almost 15 minutes but the question turned her off.

This is not the first time that Sunny Leone’s career as a porn star has made people take advantage of her but did the journalist asked a wrong question? Or was his way of asking was wrong? In India, Bollywood actors’ salary packages make people curious.

Such is the curiosity that people often consider Bollywood actors to be born with a golden spoon and a popularity and the strength of a star is often measured by the pay package he or she gets to take home. Sunny indeed has become popular and therefore, people would want to know how far she has made inroads in the world of Bollywood, which is often unkind to new actors.

But it seems her reaction has some reasons considering how she is widely targeted by political sections as well. Her infamous interview with a journalist who asked her question bordering on disgust and her epic and cool handling of him is the stuff that people would remember for long. Bollywood had also come out in full force for the lovely lass.

Meanwhile, her fans have another reason to be happy, the beauty is coming up with a new movie project “One Night Stand.” The movie releases on April 22nd.

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Sunny Leone, Bollywood, Porn, Hot, One Night Stand, dance, song