Armaan Malik: Songs in different languages a test

Armaan Malik, Malayalam song, Mollywood, Njan Varumee Padhaayil, Afzal Yussuf

Singer Armaan Malik released his first Malayalam song Njan Varumee Padhaayil on Facebook and said that songs of different languages test him as a singer. The singer was no doubts happy with the end result and shared his beautiful rendition as well. Armaan Malik told his fans:

Songs from different languages test me as a singer and put me in an uncomfortable space.
Even though I’ve been singing in more than 7 languages since I was 10-year-old boy.. I always had this Block in my head that Malayalam Songs are tough to sing especially the pronunciation.. and that I may never get it right.

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When you sing songs like these and when Malayali people tell you you’ve done it right.. that’s my big achievement right there. Thank you Afzal Yussuf Sir for giving me this beautiful haunting melody and trusting me enough to make me the voice of this song. Big shoutout to #Tabitha who supported me on this song and gave me goosebumps with her soothing voice.
Presenting my first Malayalam Song (Mollywood) #NjanVarumeePadhaayil:

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