Shweta Tiwari denies daughter Palak Tiwari’s debut news

Actor Shweta Tiwari is battling rumours of her daughter Palak Tiwari’s debut on a TV soap.

Rumours have been rife for a long time about Palak’s next move ever since she started amassing fan following on social media.

But Shweta Tiwari is not just losing it with the media. She has also something to tell the production houses as well; like why don’t you start denying Palak’s debut news when you know it is not true!! Yeah…why?

Shweta Tiwari issued a statement saying:

“No.!!! This isn’t true. I have no idea where these baseless rumours come from. She’s not debuting yet on any platform. I don’t understand why the production houses don’t clarify from their end first and foremost.”

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