Tata Sons announces additional Rs. 1000 Crores in fight against COVID 19

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N Chandrasekaran, the Chairman of Tata Sons, also joined forces with Chairman of Tata Trusts, Ratan Tata, and announced Rs. 1000 crore to battle pandemic COVID 19.

In a statement to the press he said:

“The current situation in India and other parts of the world owing to the impact of COVID 19 is very worrisome and requires our very best action. Earlier today, Mr. Ratan N. Tata, Chairman, Tata Trusts, announced a set of actions and committed Rs. 500 Crores towards tackling the situation.

Tata Sons announces an additional Rs. 1000 Crores support towards COVID 19 and related activities. We will work together with the Tata Trusts and our Chairman Emeritus Mr. Tata and would be fully supporting their initiatives, and work in a collaborative manner to bring the full expertise of the group.

In addition to the initiatives articulated by Tata Trusts, we are also bringing in the ventilators necessary and are gearing up to also manufacture the same soon in India.

The country is facing an unprecedented situation and crisis. All of us would have to do whatever it takes to alleviate and enhance the quality of lives of the communities we serve.”

Ratan Tata’s Tata Trusts pledge Rs 500 crore in the fight against COVID19