Now, Shabana Azmi courts controversy with a tweet

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Shabana Azmi is back busy courting controversies. First, it was her husband, writer Javed Akhtar who was doubting that Hindus were murdered by the Rohingya militants and got trolled on Twitter for it:

And now it is the turn of his wifey dearest, Shabana Azmi.

On Durga Ashthami Shabana Azmi tweeted that, This Durga Ashthami lets pray that no Durga is aborted, no Saraswati is stopped from going to school, no Lakshmi has to beg for money from husband, no Parvati is sacrificed for dowry and no Kali is given a tube of fairness cream!!!

Here is the screenshot of the tweet:


Twitter was left angry after this as people thought it was aimed at Hinduism that too on an auspicious and joyful day! The reactions were crackling with what was seen as her hypocrisy:

While we do think that the tweet was right and makes a case for women empowerment, yet constant negative focus by Bollywood on Hindus will backfire. Let’s hope Bollywood understands this sooner.

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