Azamgarh riot: Dalits attacked, BJP raps government

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New Delhi, May 17, 2016: What started as a skirmish on Sunday night, has now become an intense riot with two communities clashing in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

So far it is unclear as to what led to the situation but it is alleged that a youth Danish from Khudadapur had enmity with one Musafir.

This enmity led to a full blown attack when Danish and other Muslim men allegedly set fire to Musafir’s house which led to this riot.

As per one Hindi newspaper, Amar Ujala, on Sunday many people had gathered around Shekhavat’s Ara/ripper machine,  but this made police suspicious it tried to disperse the mob, but angered by the intervention the angry mob started abusing the policemen. The mob dispersed for a little while only to return with petrol with which they first burned down the Shekhawat’s ripper machine.

Musafir and his family had to leave the village after being threatened and beaten up by this mob and they have not returned till now as they fear for their lives.

Situation in Azamgarh actually worsened after a loudspeaker announcement was made from a religious place, after which, a huge number of people gathered on the spot at Shkehavat’s ripper machine.  They first pelted stones at the police and other residents, post which firing was also reported to have happened, and in this firing Circle Officer, SDM and 6 other police personnel, who were on the scene, got severely injured.

The opposition party BJP has slammed the state government as it had failed to save the Dalit community from the attack.  BJP’s fact finding team was also not allowed to go to Azamgarh to access the situation.

To stop rumours from spreading and eroding communal harmony in riot-hit Azamgarh, internet services have been banned.

In the Azamgarh’s Nizamabad, situation has remained out of control after rioters tried to loot mobile shops.

It is also being alleged that rioters are asking the names of the people to ascertain their religious identity before beating them. From Fariya till Banganv such incidents have been reported.

So far 7 people have been arrested by the police in this riot.