Indian Coast Guard rescues 32 Bangladeshi Fishermen

New Delhi, August 24, 2022: Indian Coast Guard (ICG) rescued 32 Bangladeshi fishermen and handed over to Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) yesterday in accordance with existing Memorandum of Understanding between the two Coast Guards. Indian Coast Guard Ship, Varad rescued 32 Bangladeshi fishermen after their boats capsized at Indo-Bangla International Maritime Boundary Line and handed over them safely to Bangladesh Coast Guard Ship ‘Tajuddin (PL-72)’. Bangladesh Coast Guard has thanked Indian Coast Guard for their humanitarian role in saving the lives of Bangladeshi fishermen.

The Bangladeshi fishermen’s boats had capsized during cyclonic weather/ depression, which travelled along the coast of Bangladesh and West Bengal between 19-20 Aug 22. Most of these fishermen were found clinging on to nets/ floats, in turbulent sea and struggling to survive for almost 24 hours after their boats had capsized, when they were sighted by Indian Coast Guard ships and aircraft on 20 Aug 22. Out of 32 Bangladeshi fishermen, 27 were rescued by Indian Coast Guard in deep waters and remaining 05 were rescued by Indian fishermen in shallow areas.

With the first indication of formation of ‘Low Pressure Area’ forecast by IMD, Indian Coast Guard had alerted its ships/ aircraft and all shore units in the state of West Bengal and Odisha. Indian Coast Guard monitors weather updates daily issuing advisories to fisheries and local administration for instituting necessary measures during likely formation of Low Pressure/ Cyclone. Indian Coast Guard has been working in close coordination with civil administration, fisheries authorities and local fishing/ trawler organisations of respective states of West Bengal and Odisha to mitigate the risks posed by impending weather/ cyclone.

As part of its charter of duties, the Indian Coast Guard undertakes Maritime Search and Rescue operations frequently. The Indian Coast Guard not only provides solace to fishermen and mariners in distress, but also provides humanitarian assistance. This operation reflects the commitment of Indian Coast Guard towards safeguarding precious lives at sea against all odds. Such successful search and rescue operations will not only strengthen the regional SAR structure but also enhance the international cooperation with neighboring countries.

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