Jammu simmers as another Temple desecrated

Jammu, Temple, desecration, Nanak Nagar, Mehbooba Mufti, BJP

Nanak Nagar, Jammu, June 17, 2016: Another Temple desecration has come to late from Jammu which apparently happened late Thursday evening.

This is the second attack on the Hindu Temple and a large number of people protested as soon as the news spread out that a temple in Nanak Nagar area has been targeted by a vandal.

The vandal has been identified as Gurbachan, 40, who was under suspension for two years and is said to be a drug addict and a local nuisance.

He algedly entered the Temple at 5.30 pm and he first abused the ladies who were doing satsang and then kicked the shivling.

An elderly lady raised an alarm and he was frst captured by the ladies and after hearing hues and cries nearby shopkeepers rushed to the spot and then handed him to the police.

Shopkeepers in the area shut down their shops in protest on the incident but they were convinced by the police officials that justice would prevail.

Speaker of Jammu & Kashmir Assembly, Kavinder Gupta, condemned the act but by and large all political parties have stayed mum on the incident.

Jammu was on the boil as earlier a Hindu Temple was targeted by vandals in Roopnagar and the CCTV footage of their act went viral resulting in massive protests.

This perhaps the biggest testing phase of PDP-BJP alliance and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.