Kiren Rijiju slams rumors, says will serve nation but not as CM

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Kiren Rijiju is unhappy over the social media speculation that suggested that he is gearing up to lead Arunachal Pradesh after it became certain that BJP will be calling the shots here.

BJP leader Kiren Rijiju who was earlier targeted by Congress for corruption and whom many Congressmen supported during the allegations is a popular face across India, so it seemed to many that he may be the one to lead his state.

But Kiren Rijiju obviously thinks otherwise.

In a carefully worded statement, Kiren Rijiju has slammed all the rumors. He said:

I’m taking over as Chief Minister??
Facebook & social media is invented to use not misuse. Please use Facebook for sharing informations & communications but some people have zero contribution to the society so they waste their precious time in Facebook for gossip all the time.
People of Arunachal Pradesh have given me a unique mandate & without the support of Ministers, MLAs, Contractors we defeated the money & muscle power. Never before a leader has received such historic & massive support cutting across party lines.
My PM has inducted me into his Council of Ministers & I’ll make him proud by serving the nation.
Pema Khandu is a special man. He was forced to become MLA after the tragic death of his popular CM father. He is the only Minister to resign voluntarily from Nabam Tuki Cabinet in public interest. He refused Minister post during Kalikho Pul Govt but after the Court ruling he was forced by his colleagues to accept the CM post.
I’ve no contribution in making Pema Khandu as CM but I’ll not allow such spiritually clean, young & good human being to be removed by those evil forces who have destroyed & looted our beautiful Arunachal Pradesh.
The real development of Arunachal Pradesh has begun now. No one can force me to become CM & I’ll remain as MP to be the “Voice of Arunachal” and contribute in making India a great nation.