Vice President rebukes Pakistani President for misusing NAM forum

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The Vice President, M Venkaiah Naidu today hit out at Pakistan for misusing the NAM summit “to justify its longstanding policy of conducting cross-border terrorism” against its neighbours.

In his address at the 18th NAM Summit here, Naidu regretted that Pakistan President had misused the august forum and said “Indeed, we speak for the larger region in terms of this deep concern over Pakistan’s behavior”.

Stressing that Pakistan clearly needed to do much more to earn the confidence of the international community, the Vice President said “It must decisively abjure terrorism—for its own good, for that of its neighbours and for the good of the world”.

Naidu also called for achieving a just, equitable and representative global governance system by reforming the United Nations, including the Security Council to reflect the contemporary realities of the 21st century.

The Vice President has urged the Non Aligned Movement to re-focus to remain an influential grouping and find solutions to challenges relating to terrorism, global governance reform, sustainable development and South-South cooperation.

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He called upon all NAM countries to come together to forge a common front against terror in all its forms as there was no justification for violent extremist ideologies and terrorist actions that maim and murder innocents.

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