NIT Srinagar students angry with AAP?

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New Delhi, April 13, 2016: AAP leader Kapil Mishra seemed to have gone overboard with his excitement of meeting the NIT Srinagar students. His political tone after ‘allegedly’ walking with the NIT Srinagar students has angered them and they have issued a statement slamming the politicization of the issue in these words:

“There was a post in which a political party targeted some other responsible officers of the govt. from center. We strongly condemn this way of helping us or, in other words, using students as a political tool and hijack the real issue.
We are fighting peacefully and will continue to do so until justice is achieved.

P.S. We trust the people of the country, we belong to and hope help from all of them every time we need strength against the false.”

AAP leader Kapil Sharma had tweeted the following statements:

“Now in Jammu with hundreds of #NITSrinagar students. Students are very angry with Center and State Govt. some are seriously injured.

Students kept waiting for Smriti Irani ji to visit them. She never came. Pakistan Jindabad is allowed but Tiranga is banned. #NITSrinagar.

Horrifying details from #NITSrinagar students. Brutally beaten for saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Wht happened there shd be shameful for Modi ji.

We are standing by the true patriots in India, not the ones who try to divide people using slogans and false issues.”

What was the false slogan and issue that Kapil Mishra was hinting at? The issue of the NIT Srinagar students is that want to fly ‘Tricolor’ and chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and this bit is crystal clear to anyone who is following the news but it seems he mistook it with the anti-India sloganeering that happened in the JNU which his party leader Arvind Kejriwal had no problems with. Read what Arvind Kejriwal had said then.

But Kapil Mishra’s tweet that probably angered the NIT Srinagar students is this one:


NIT Srinagar, Anupam Kher, Smriti Irani, Kapil Mishra, AAP, Narendra Modi


No wonders the students are angry with the politics on their movement which is galvanizing the public opinion of the country and fear that it would be hijacked by the vested interests in politics.

It is important to state here that the NIT Srinagar students had welcomed the cine star Anupam Kher’s initiative to meet them. Check this:

NIT Srinagar, Anupam Kher, Smriti Irani, Kapil Mishra, AAP, Narendra Modi


To read the demands of the students of the NIT Srinagar, click here.

NIT Srinagar is in the news for all the wrong reasons after it came to light that the non-Kashmiri girls were threatened by locals with rape and molestation sparking angry outburst in the country with many fearing for their lives.