Is there a saree ban in Manipur?

Yes, there is and yes this is nothing new. A Saree ban exists in Manipur and it has not been highlighted by any media house.
Angellica Aribam, All India Gen-Secy of NSUI and a gender rights activist shared this information on her verified Twitter handle.

She also reasoned that the reason for a call against saree ban is that it is ‘Indianization’ and hence colonial. In short, while Malaysian Indians fought for the right to wear saree, a similar situation exists in India’s own Manipur.

Angellica Aribam proudly said that because of saree ban she has decided to wear it even more frequently and also reasoned that all impositions exist for the women.

Saree ban and Najma Heptulla!

With Najma Heptulla sworn in as the governor of Manipur, many are wondering what would happen to the saree ban considering her love for the ‘Indian’ garment which is making so many lose sleep on it!

Who imposed the ban and when are the obvious questions, but unfortunately no one has come forward with the details. But it is important to state here that saree ban is not new!

In 2001, this imposition was made by an outfit named the KYKL (Kangjamba), which put a notice and directed the Manipuri girls and women to not wear saree and salwar. It even banned trousers. Worse, it even said that any Manipuri girl or woman who dares go against it would be shot dead.

It is a different thing that diktat was protested by the women who saw it as the ‘Talibanisation’ of Manipur and infringement of the right of a woman.

But the big question is that should we keep ignoring such diktat directed at women?


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