Tamil Nadu CM confirms worst fears; jallikattu protests were infiltrated by rogue elements

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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam today confirmed worst fears of social media, that the jallikattu protests were infiltrated by anti-India groups.

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), the ruling party, on Facebook informed the people that the anti-social elements got involved and diverted the protest by students for jallikattu. It also said that these elements burnt Ice House police station and Police vehicles.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister was speaking in the Assembly after Opposition Leader MK Stalin asked for his explanation over the lathi charge on protesters demanding jallikattu.

The Chief Minister also said that the proteest was infiltrated and some raised demands for separation of Tamil Nadu.

He also said that there are photographic proofs that some people were even holding pictures of Osama Bin Laden while some were planning to show black flags on Republic Day and boycott it.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, however, noted that during such open provocation as well he police used minimum force. He also vowed to bring the culprits to justice.

But DMK still walked out as it wanted a probe in the police lathi charge.

Tamil Nadu saw a mass protest in the favor of jallikattu, a bull embracing/taming sport played in the state for centuries but the sport was banned after strong opposition of animal rights groups who claimed that the sport was against animal rights. The protest won mass support across India, however, there were rumors that the protest is on the verge of being hijacked after Osama Bin Laden posters were seen and shared on social media leading to concerns across the nation.

It is due to the unruly elements infiltrating the jallikattu protests that made Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi to leave the protests.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister only spoke what the 27-year-old musician Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi had said on Sunday in a video on his Facebook page.

In the 14-minute video, the youngster said that he was safe and not in police custody as was the rumor and said that he left the protests at the VOC Park in Coimbatore after he saw many posters, leaflets, and speeches going on in the crowd to arouse anti-India sentiments by abusing Narendra Modi and other national leaders. In this video, he had said that there were attempts to create communal tension among jallikattu protestors and the national flag was also disrespected, while the demands for a separate nation were also being raised.