Umar Khalid finds no takers in Bengal, huge protest erupts

West Bengal, May 22, 2016: JNU student leader Umar Khalid could not hold his program as protests erupted as soon as the anti-Communist front got the whiff of his presence.

Communists no longer hold the sway as Mamata Banerjee stormed to power this week, hence, very likely, that such events would hardly get any good crowd any more.

Umar Khalid program was at the Bharat Hall Sabha, Kolkata and it is then that the crowd came on to the streets to lampoon Umar Khalid and his friend’s anti-India stance.

Massive police protection was there to keep him safe as the angry protesters came on to streets. Umar Khalid was taken to the venue two hours before the program was to begin at 5pm and he hid there for almost 2 hours.

Hindu Samhati, Tapan Ghosh, Umar Khalid, Communist, West BengalHindu Samhati, Tapan Ghosh, Umar Khalid, Communist, West Bengal

Hindu Samhati, West Bengal Hindu Mahasabha activists and other groups came out in full force against Umar Khalid.

Hindu Samhati leader Tapan Ghosh, Prokash Das and Rajyashree Chowdhury, President, West Bengal Hindu Mahasabha addressed the protesters who had started gathering in the afternoon carrying placards to show their displeasure at Khalid’s presence in West Bengal.

The protest began at 4 pm and the traffic on the busy BB Ganguly street was stalled for more than an hour. But besides this, the protest was non-violent in nature.

Earlier, Tapan Ghosh had given a call to protest against Khalid’s presence in big numbers. He had asked his supporters to “Come at Central metro station at 4 PM. Bring a black flag/cloth with you to show to anti-national Umar Khalid.”

Tapan Ghosh is a widely respected Hindu leader in West Bengal.