US intervention in Venezuela, India says closely monitoring

After US interference in Venezuela, India has said that it is closely monitoring the situation.

India also said that the two nations enjoy close bonds with each other.

A statement from the Ministry of External Affairs said on the situation:

“We are closely following the emerging situation in Venezuela. We are of the view that it is for the people of Venezuela to find political solution to resolve their differences through constructive dialogue and discussion without resorting to violence.

We believe democracy, peace, and security in Venezuela are of paramount importance for the progress and prosperity of the people of Venezuela.

India and Venezuela enjoy close and cordial relations.”

Meanwhile, the US move has come under the scanner back home too.

US presidential aspirant aDemocratrat leader Tulsi Gabbard said after the Trump administration backed the overthrow of President Nicolas Maduro and recognised opposition leader Juan Guaido as the Latin American nation’s interim president.

Maduro, despite threats from the USA today said that “we don’t hate the United States of America. We deeply respect the American people.”

Gabbard minced no words when she said:

“The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people determine their future. We don’t want other countries to choose our leaders–so we have to stop trying to choose theirs.”

Tulsi had also spoken out against Trump’s threats of military intervention on the Venezuelan soil in August 2017 saying that the threats to change regimes will only increase the determination to hold onto nukes.

She also brought in North Korea and how Trump’s peace overtures with the Asian nation would finally be seen after the Venezuelan adventure stating:

“In the morning, Trump promises Kim of North Korea, We won’t wage regime-change war against you. In the evening, Kim watches Trump carrying out regime-change in Venezuela. Kim looks at our actions, not empty promises.”

But it is unlikely that Trump would heed anyone’s advice despite coming to power on the premise that the USA would not be policing the world.