Participants invited to recommend tributes for Gallantry Awards Winners

Muraleedharan ,visit, Tanzania , Kenya

New Delhi, April 19, 2021: Gallantry Awards portal ( serves as India’s foremost online platform to honour and remember the Gallantry Awards Winners of the nation.

The Gallantry Awards portal has organised an ‘Innovative Tributes to Bravehearts’ competition wherein it is inviting participants from all over India to recommend unique and innovative tributes to salute the bravehearts of the nation. The objective of this competition is to find a series of befitting tribute messages for the Gallantry Awardees. The competition is being held from 15th April to 15th May 2021.

Entries received as a part of the competition would be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, originality, composition & simplicity, and how well they highlight the vision & objectives of the Gallantry Awards portal. The winners of the competition will be recognised on the Gallantry Awards portal and its related social media channels. These winners will also be given an opportunity to witness the Republic Day Parade 2022 in New Delhi. To participate in the competition, visit:

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