Kimono Comes to New York Fashion Week!

New York, February2, 2016: A fashion show featuring authentic Kimono is presented by Hiromi Asai at the Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station (360 West 33rd St, New York, NY) at 1pm on February 16, 2016.Hiromi Asai Fall/Winter 2016 Women’s Collection is the world’s first Kimono fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

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Hiromi Asai is a designer, stylist, and producer of this collection. The title of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection is “Spirit of the Earth”.

She also says that Kimono is universal fashion that is beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries.

The principle of Hiromi’s fashion design is to feel the whisper of the borderless Earth through Kimono. Hiromi presents authentic Kimono and dresses made from Kimono textiles as wearable real fashion for people all over the world. Kimono Artisan Kyoto, a leading association of Kimono textile artisans in Japan, provides textiles and accessories which are elaborately manufactured by hand. Hiromi integrates the art of Kimono creation by artisans into sophisticated universal fashion.

Save Kimono artisans via crowdfunding campaign

Yet in its native Japan the art of Kimono creation is on the verge of crisis, because of reduction of Kimono market, aging of artisans, and lack of their successors. To produce a runway show featuring Kimono in one of the biggest international fashion events, Hiromi organized the campaign “To Save Kimono Artisans” at Kickstarter in June 2015. This crowdfunding campaign was successfully funded at over $67K at the end of July 2015. This runway show is also the world first crowdfunding-based show at New York Fashion Week.

Hiromi Asai is a New York-based, internationally acclaimed fashion designer and Kimono stylist, to work for fashion magazines and advertisements. Hiromi produced many Kimono fashion shows at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and The Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, and in New York, as well as in South Florida.

She also founded a non-profit organization, Kimono Hiro Inc. to promote Kimono fashion to the world market.