Pets need grooming in winter season too!

Winter care for dogs pets

Even in the winter season, we need to keep our pets groomed.

Many pet owners decide to skip grooming during the winter months, thinking baths aren’t important when dogs spend so much time indoors. However, pet experts at Canine Company say grooming during mid-winter is especially important for pets’ health and wellbeing.

“When heating systems are running day in and day out, a dog’s skin becomes dry and itchy, just like ours does,” says Traci Simo, of Canine Company. “If you see your pet scratching, licking or biting himself during the winter months, that a sign that he’s uncomfortable. If you don’t intervene, that behavior can lead to more severe skin problems.”

To prevent those problems, she recommends the following:

Start with a massaging shampoo followed by a deep moisturizing treatment. “Use only products specifically formulated for pets. Dogs’ skin has a different pH, so using human products can actually make skin problems worse.”

Let the coat air-dry. Towel thoroughly, and comb through the hair to facilitate the process. “It’s best not to use a hair dryer, because a dog’s skin burns more easily.”

Brush often – daily is best — to stimulate the skin’s natural oils, which will keep the pet more comfortable. “Use the right brush for your dog’s coat to get the most benefit. A professional groomer can advise you on which to choose.”

Because of this winter’s unusual weather patterns in the northeast, parasite problems are expected to begin early this year. She recommends not waiting until spring officially arrives to start applying flea and tick prevention products.

Pets with dry, itchy skin may need a shampoo and moisturizing treatment monthly.  Some pet parents may prefer to turn that task over to a professional groomer and they can avail their services too.

However, at no stage can the grooming be abandoned!