Indian Firm Reveals Top Adult Products in Mumbai

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Ever wonder what the top selling sex toys in Mumbai are? You’re in luck, we’ve got the whole list!

Cities like Mumbai can give us a really great idea about what’s on trend. Not only is Mumbai the most populous city in India, it’s also the wealthiest. So it’s not uncommon to look toward these hubs when scoping out what it is that people really want. For fashion, people look to London, for food Paris, movie stars in Los Angeles…

So why not take the pulse of India’s sex toy use in Mumbai? Don’t get fidgety! Sex toys are a natural part of exploring individual sexuality. It’s one reason they’re often referred to as ‘personal wellness’ products. Discussing sex toys in India isn’t really what the culture is all about, but that tide seems to be changing.

New laws are being passed and tolerance, education, and sexual freedoms are being encouraged. Which is great for many people. Higher degrees of sexual freedom and education have been associated with lower public health risk, lower rates of unwanted pregnancy, lower rates of assault, along with many other big bonuses for society.

Personal use of sex toys and masturbation have been shown to boost your personal health too! So maybe we should all take a hint from Mumbai and snap up a few of these tried and true favorite sex toys and begin exploring our bodies and preferences with a little more gusto. Here’s the list of hottest toys in Mumbai, as revealed by Adult Products India:

1.) Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have kind of gotten a bad rap in the last few decades, with cinematic punchlines and documentaries about the weirdest of their users – sex dolls can seem a bit…creepy. In fact, they’re not. Sex dolls, made for both men and women, are not much different from owning a realistic dildo or fleshlight. They just come with a few more bells and whistles. Recently, the online news giant Vice did a small internet documentary about the production of male sex dolls. While arguably open minded to begin with, the female presenter ended the vignette by using the new female targeted sex toy. The results were surprisingly positive and may just change your mind about getting a sex doll of your own.

2.) Fleshlights

We women swear by our vibrators and dildos. If you’ve ever been locked into much girl talk, gone to a bachelorette party, or watched any Sex In The City-esque sitcom than you’re bound to be familiar with how much us girls just want to have fun. It’s also no secret that men masturbate far more often than women. With these two facts in mind, isn’t it only fair that the guys get to enjoy a bit of masturbatory enhancement as well? Fleshlights are discreet tubes that house a silicone “sleeve” that’s designed to be penetrated by a male member. The silicone is surprisingly soft, and you can get it fashioned after realistic body parts, or just a vague interpretation of them, depending on your preference. Fleshlights are the male equivalent to vibrators and every man should own one.

3.) Vibrators

Few women get through their college years without amassing the infamous “top drawer”. The top drawer is key to just about any feminine arsenal. It refers to many women having a bedside table in which the top drawer conveniently hides our favourite little helper. The humble vibrator. Vibrators are spectacular for solo play as well as couples fun. They’re great for stimulating both male and female erogenous zones and can be used at any time during an intimate encounter. Or alone on a Friday night. They’re versatile, discreet, and a must for any girl who wants to explore her body.

4.) Realistic Dildos

While realistic dildos may not be for everyone, Mumbai loves them. Much like your standard dildo, realistic ones are just a little more… visually stimulating. They come in a wide range of skin tone colors as well as shapes and sizes. Giving you the option to experience the feel of someone who is a bit different from your partner, without stepping outside of your relationship. Some have vibrating, and even warming, features. Realistic dildos can up the feeling of intimacy during solo play, which is one of the things that makes them so popular. Instead of using a sex toy that looks like something from outer space, realistic dildos allow your sexual exploration to be a little more down to earth.

5.) Condom Sleeves

Condom sleeves are the perfect way to shake up bedroom time that has become dull or mundane. They’re exciting to use for both partners and can easily get you out of your yawn worthy routine. Much like a standard condom, condom sleeves slip over your partners member and subtly change the shape and feel of them. Some have more modest ripples or silicone swirls on the outside, which stimulate areas that have gone untouched before. While others have a wilder side, with soft “spikes” or balls that gently and erotically massage your most intimate areas.

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