Afghan Hindus and Sikhs to not play Holi

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Afghan Hindus and Sikhs have decided to not celebrate Holi after a deadly attack that left many dead in Kabul.

Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan, a 400-Bed military hospital, was attacked by terrorists belonging to Islamic State.

The attack left at least 40 dead.

This attack was carried by at least 5 militants and lasted several hours before the terrorists were killed.

The attack left many hurt and angry, but the move by the Hindu and Sikh community to not play Holi, even in low-key celebrations, to pay respect to fellow Afghan citizens is now earning it applause from the highest quarters.

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Afghan Hindus and Sikhs are a very small minority in the nation and many have taken refuge in India and abroad after falling prey to Taliban.

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This move by Afghan Hindus and Sikhs won them appreciation from Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah who in a Facebook post said that this move is actually a message of empathy and humanity.

Calling Holi a celebration of colors and Afghan Hindus and Sikhs as compatriots he also called for unity between and a need for social justice.

In his statement, the CEO also said that the move by the Afghan Hindus and Sikhs will create pluralism between different ethnic groups.

He said:

We appreciate the symbolic act and the message of empathy and humanity.

Meanwhile, in neighboring country Pakistan, Holi was played by Hindus in Karachi: