Alleged murder of minor Hindu boy leads to protest by Pakistani Hindus

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New York, May 4, 2016: A minor Hindu boy, all of 11 years old, was found murdered and her parents are fighting hard to get justice in Pakistan.

The Pakistani Hindus allege that the local Police and Government completely failed in delivering justice in the case. The minor Hindu boy Vineet was the youngest and the only son of a Hindu family, the Chatandas and he had gone to the Hyderabad Club.

His family says that their 11-year-old was first sexually abused and then brutally strangled to death post which his body was thrown into the pool for 9 minutes to stage that the boy drowned.

However, what happened later again showed why Pakistani Hindus are the second class citizens of Pakistan.

The family of the deceased minor Hindu boy simply requested that they be given justice and asked the administration to show the CCTV footage for more clarity on what happened with their son.

But the administration says that they only had the footage of the time when the kid was drowning in the pool and nothing before that.

The family says that their minor son Inder Vineet, had several marks of applied force, marks of someone else’s nails on his body especially the wrist and arms.

When the family of the minor Hindu boy raised their voice, the Hyderabad Club tried to shut them out to protect their image.

Yesterday, the father of the minor Hindu boy did a press conference and he pointed fingers at the Hyderabad Club administrator “Muhammad Mushtaq.’

He also alleged that the complaint against the murder has not taken into account the boy’s swimming costumes which is very suspicious.

Local TV channels also covered the news.

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