American preacher has a message for Balinese Hindus (Videos)

American preacher Angela Cummings has a message for Balinese Hindus who she says are not worshipping Jesus Christ.

On YouTube account, Cummings posted a video titled “Attention Bali Indonesia” where she speaks about one true God and how the Hindu-majority Bali needs to “repent” and “follow Jesus.” Bali also has some Muslim population, but her aim was the Balinese Hindus as is clear from the videos we selected below.

Incidentally, Bali is a Hindu-majority island in Muslim majority Indonesia.
In the video, Cummings says that she made the video as she got more comments from Bali than any other place. She wrote in the description box:

“I have been to 51 countries now and Bali Indonesia has threatened to KILL me more than any other place on the planet earth. These people better repent and turn from idols. God is trying to wake you, people, up and save you. Don’t kill the messenger for bringing the message.”

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Further, she said that:

“I left Bali, Indonesia a long time ago and I’ve got over five people writing me in the past 24 hours, 48 hours, cussing me out. And so I thought I’d tell you something: God is angry with your idols.I told you that in your Temple…when you were bowing down to those false gods. And God has sent you many earthquakes since then.If you don’t repent, you’re going to stand before your creator, guilty for being an idolator, so God is trying to wake you up.”

Cummings has earlier been to Bali and her videos are online where she can be seen saying to people to pray to Jesus and worship the Lord in the Hindu Temples.

She even went to a Hindu wedding where she had food.

Below are her other videos:

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