Muslim man from Myanmar says the most politically incorrect thing

Major General Gagandeep Bakshi,Muslim, Myanmar, Rohingyas, Rakhine, India

Nyi Min San, a Muslim man from Myanmar, wrote a post telling the world what he feels about the situation. The post made on September 6th has almost 5.3 k shares as we speak while there are 12,000 likes. The post by Nyi Min San has been presented as it is with a little editing:

I’m Muslim and want to live in Myanmar peacefully. The situation happened in #Rakhine state is not because of religion. The country we live here, Myanmar, is our mother land. We lived since my great, great, great, great, grandfather. I’m doing great and to be a good citizen here. Also, I do support my current government and party.

If you made just lobbying for nonsense things and wasting time propaganda, then do yourself in your country. Our Muslim can live in Myanmar. So, don’t mess with us. God always gives us hope and peace. Also taught, live simply. Stay what you are. I strongly won’t accept the #Rohingya in our country, they are not our ethnic.

As the mentioned, this is an invasion. Stop spreading the rumors and wrong information to the world. Again, the conflict in Myanmar is not related with#Religion.

This post is likely to show another side of the story which may not be palatable in current circumstances.

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