Bangladesh: Hindu men and women assaulted

Bangladesh Hindu Persecution

Dhaka, 11 February 2016: An investigative report filed by Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) says that on 23 January 2016 another assault took place on the Hindu minority in Bangladesh.

The reason for the assault reported is that the Hindu fishermen were fishing which angered the perpetrators and they launched attacks on the community. They also beat up and sexually assaulted the Hindu women.

They also beat up and sexually assaulted the Hindu women.

One pregnant woman was repeatedly kicked on her stomach due to which she miscarried while five others, including women and children, were severely injured after being violently assaulted by perpetrators at Khamarpara- within Khansama Upazila of Dinajpur District, Bangladesh.

The report by Bangladesh Minority Watch is one of the many that have revealed the violent atmosphere under which minorities have to live in the South Asian nation.

BDMW has reported that on the date of the attack on 23.01.2016 about 12 noon, perpetrators equipped with iron rods, ballam, hasua, dao and lathi etc. lunged over the victims and started to beat them mercilessly so as to terrorize the community. The BDMW has also asserted in its report that the Hindu fishermen were fishing in the Atrai River legally and had not done anything that could result in this assault.

Due to these attacks, 5 fishermen (victims) were injured while three fishing nets amounting to Taka 90,000 were also looted. The injured were later taken to the nearest Medical Health Complex.

However, a pregnant woman named Ms. Arun Bala (30), wife of Polwan Das, miscarried as she was grievously assaulted by the perpetrators.

A case under number: Khansama P.s case No.01, dated 01.02.2016 under section 143/447/323/307/313/354/379/427/114 of penal code has been launched.

The names of the victims seriously injured are Shree Rahin Chandra Roy (35), 2) Vetol Das (40), 3) Ms. Arun Bala Das (30), 4) Kutharu Das (48), 5) Bhavesh Das (32) and 6) Dalim Das (35).

Till the last report by BDMW, police did not arrest any perpetrators but the watchdog has reported that to harass the Bangladeshi Hindu minority further, the perpetrators have launched false cases at Birgonj police station (case No.18 dated 26.01.2016 under section 15(3)/16(2) of Special Powers Act, 1974). so as to counter the case and to terrorize the victims into leaving the country.

BDMW feels that this is done to terrorize the victims into leaving the country.

Pic Credit: Bangladesh Minority Watch