Brussels-bound Planes Land Safely After Bomb Threat

Two Brussels-bound passenger jets have landed safely after bomb threats, reports Reuters. The threats were reported roughly less than 30 minutes before the planes were to land at the Brussels airport.

Dozens of passengers were on board the two planes which were flying in from Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden. The pilot of the Oslo aircraft received the threat 20 minutes before landing, while the other one received it 10 minutes later. All the passengers have been safely evacuated.

Investigations have been initiated, but no details have been divulged. There is no information regarding the carriers involved.



The bomb scare on the two jets today reignited the fears of a possible ISIS attack. Brussels was the target of Islamist bombers in March this year. The attack on Brussels airport and metro station claimed 31 lives and injured more than 300 people. ISIS had claimed responsibility of that terror attack.

Terrorist group ISIS has been calling for attacks on European nations for a while now. It is recruiting the locals to fight their war using unconventional methods and spread radical Islam, which makes preventing such attacks even harder. There have been reports of machete attacks in several parts of Europe as well. Three days ago, ISIS claimed responsibility for a machete attack in Belgium that left two female police officers seriously injured.