Donald Trump Calls China The “Worst Abuser”

Donald Trump U.S. Presidential Candidate

The United States Republic presidential candidate Donald Trump has called China the worst abuser and currency manipulator, warning that if he was elected as the next U.S. president, he will take strict actions against nations violating trade agreements.

The U.S. presidential election is due to take place on November 8, 2016 and it is arguably the most convoluted elections in the recent U.S. history as voters keep swaying from the Hillary Clinton camp to the Trump camp.

An article published on Economic Times revealed that the presidential hopeful has directed the Secretary of Commerce to identify all the nations violating the trade agreements to harm the American workers.

Taking a strong stance against China’s policy on the controversial South China Sea where China is staking its claim, Donald Trump at an election rally in Tampa, Florida told his supporters,

They don’t like us. They’re building a massive military fortress in the middle of the South China Sea that they’re not allowed to do. They’re doing that, and yet, they’re ripping us economically. We have tremendous power over China – economic power – tremendous. We don’t do anything. They build and build and build, and they didn’t get environmental impact statements when they decided to rip up the sea.

Donald Trump also came up with a suggestion to end the rapid currency devaluations taking place in the world. He said,

“Any country that devalues their currency in order to take unfair advantage of the US and all of its companies who can’t compete will face tariffs and taxes to stop the cheating. And when they see that, they will stop the cheating.”

Without holding back any thoughts, (and words), Mr. Trump called China the biggest currency manipulator in the world.

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