Planning to go to Iraq? You can now!

The Indian government has opened doors for the citizens who want to travel to Iraq as the situation has improved as far as the security is concerned.

In modification of the previous advisories for Indian nationals wishing to travel to the terror-ridden nation, the following revised Travel Advisory for their intended visit to different areas in Iraq has taken immediate effect, said a press release by the Ministry of External Affairs:

i) With improvement in security situation in Iraq, Indian nationals may now consider travelling to the country except to the five Provinces, namely Nineveh(Capital Mosul); Salahuddin (Capital Tikrit); Diyala (Capital Baquba); Anbar (Capital Ramadi) and Kirkuk.

ii) Indian nationals are advised not to travel to the above listed five Provinces in Iraq as these remain affected by terrorism and violence.

iii) Indian nationals wishing to travel for employment to the safe areas other than those listed above as unsafe areas, must register on E-Migrate portal of the Government of India and inform the Embassy of India in Baghdad or Consulate General of India in Erbil prior to travelling to this country.

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