HINDRAF: Tombstone erection part of Islamization of Malaysia

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Tombstone in the compound of a government school which has 80% non-Muslim students? That is what perplexed Hindraf chairman Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy and he termed the move as the rise of the Islamization in Malaysia. The secondary school in Batu Nisan drew the Hindu group’s attention after a tombstone was placed in the compound.

The Hindraf chairman shot a letter to Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid about the tombstone placed in SMK Sultan Abdul Samad in Bukit Kuda, 41300 Klang national school.

This tombstone was erected during the long break in December without the consent of even the teachers of the school!

Hindraf chairman blamed zealous Napoleans with an extreme religious agenda in national schools for disregarding the feelings of other races in such blatant manner.

He then asked, that whether this all was part of the larger agenda of Islamization of the education system for political reasons.

The Chairman of Hindraf highlighted that from the 1980’s the policies and programs with religious tones has led to ethnic segregation in schools, falling standards in education, and in the rise of parochial nationalism. He said these acts have made the public more polarized than ever and has made it fearful of the national schools.

He later demanded an inquiry and a prompt action to serve as a deterrent for such zealous napoleons.

To read the full letter of the Hindraf chairman, check below:

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