Hindu doctor found dead in mysterious circumstances

New York, July 29, 2016: On Friday a young Hindu doctor named Anil Kumar was found dead in the Intensive Care Unit-II of the surgical wing, Civil Hospital Karachi.

His dead body was discovered around 8.25 am and reportedly a syringe was found on the spot. More details of the death are being awaited.

More details of the death are being awaited.

Hindu doctor, Karachi, Pakistan

There was a mark of an injection on his hand which makes people believe that he could have committed suicide. However, there are many who believe that an honest inquiry is needed to find the right cause.

Karachi is the capital of Sindh, which is on boil these days due to the desecration of Quran. As a result of the desecration, two Hindu teenagers were shot at. One of them succumbed later.

A Hindu teenage girl was also taken away by the enraged mob to avenge the honour of the Muslim community. The girl, 16-year old Madhu,  is nowhere to be found and the police failed to even register a formal complaint.