Hindu girl’s face disfigured with knives and iron pipe

A Hindu College Student named Shova Rani Mondal (32) approached Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) to get justice.

The daughter of Parikit Mondal (55) (Father) and Kanon Bala Mondal (50) (mother) Hindu girl Shova lives in the village Pakira Para of Sreenagar Police Station in the Munshingonj District of Bangladesh.

She approached BDMW seeking legal help to take necessary action against her tormentor Md. Shadwin Sheikh (45) who abducted and then raped her. But his savagery was such that after rape he even cut her face with knife and iron pipes. Gruesome as it is, he thought that Shova Rani would die soon and threw her on the street in critical condition.

Fortunately, she has survived and is refusing to back down.

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Shova Rani Mondal came to BDMW where he met Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and they were told that the police did not even register the case when the kidnapping took place on 19.05.2015.

The survivor was raped and was tortured by inflicting cuts on her face by Md.Shadwin Sheikh at the Sreenagar Area.

Afer he threw her, she was traced by some people in terrible condition and was taken to Care Clinic (ICU) for medical assistance.

Later the doctor transferred her to Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi under the supervision of Prof. Rajan Karmakar. She was again transferred to Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College & Hospital under Dr. Sirajee gave her medication.

Shova Rani told the BDMW that she had no other alternative to get justice and that she has filed Petition case No. 225/2016 before the Court of Nari-O-Shisu Nirjaton Ain,2003 under section 7(9)/1/30 of against Md.Shadwin Sheikh.

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Nari-Shishu Tribunal directed O.C. Sreenagar Police station to take cognizance of the case and police submitted charge sheet against the perpetrator on 04.04.2017 but police did not arrest this perpetrator till BDMW’s intervention till now.

So far, this Hindu girl has received only words of either appreciation or encouragement but nothing tangible.

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