Hindu trader shot dead in Balochistan, protest erupts (Video)

Hindu trader, murder, Balochistan, Pakistan, ISI, Hindus protest, video

Hindu community protested and held a sit-in against the targeted killing of a Hindu trader Ravi Kumar on Wednesday in Balochistan’s Chaman.

The protestors were angered by the targeted killing which has become unnervingly common for a community whose numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate.

Hindu community later had to do a sit-in in front of the deputy commissioner office to demand the arrest of the murderers. A Hindu trader was murdered earlier here as well.

The Deputy Commissioner assured the protestors that he would ensure justice and the investigations in the previous murders of Hindu traders will also be shared.

Watch the video of the protest for Hindu trader Ravi Kumar here:

People of Balochistan believe that this murder is planned by Pakistan to defame Chaman.

The murder of the Hindu trader took place near Taj Road in Chaman. Targeted killings of Hindus is a common crime in Pakistan. In 2016, two Hindu teenagers were shot dead by extremists after rumors were spread by Sufi Saints of Bharchundi that Quran has been desecrated by a Hindu man. Later it was found that the man was a mentally challenged Muslim. Due to constant persecution in Pakistan, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Parsis are migrating to India.

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Video and Pic courtesy: Twitter @ImPashtun