Hindu traders attacked and looted in Chittagong

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Chittagong is one of the areas where Bangladeshi forces can be seen in every nook and corner and that is why news such as this, is indeed bad for the nation.

In another attack on Hindu community, the perpetrators physically assaulted the minority Hindus who earn their living through minor trading in Chittagong.

They looted their belongings and broke valuables at the Potiya Upazila of the Chittagong district.

This attack took place on Tuesday noon at about 12 pm and another attack happened at about 5 pm and during this time the Hindu community in Chittagong received no help from any quarters.

The dailyjanakantha.com has also reported the case.

The Hindu community also alleged that on the last Tuesday at about 12 pm, 15 to 20 armed perpetrators attacked a Hindu shop belonging to one Shukhendu Dey (56) and perpetrators also looted cash and belongings and then destroyed the shop.

Worse is that during this vandalism and loot, the local Police officer Khaju Meah was allegedly present and saw all this but still he did not do anything to stop the crime.

Shukhendu Dey later said that there was a meeting on this atrocity at the Office of Assistant Police Mohammad Zahangir but no justice was served.

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) contacted Mohammad Refaetullah Chowdhury, Officer in Charge of Potiya police station, all he said was that “there is no complaint from the victim and as such, no case is needed.”

The officer also said that this incident is not a cognizable offense. Later BDMW spoke to Md. Zahangir – A.S.P. Circle who also said necessary steps would be taken if the victim wants to file a complaint.

But BDMW’s personal correspondent from Potiya Upazila said that the area police is trying to suppress the case. In short, the case is unlikely to see the light of the day.


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