Lesbian sex couple caned in front of family for violating Sharia

Two Malaysian women, aged 22 and 32, who were arrested this April by officers for indulging in lesbian sex were caned today. The women were found in an objectionable position at a public place in northern Terengganu state.

Sharia forbids same-sex relations.

The Lesbian couple was caned six times each at the Terengganu Shariah High Court today in front of several people including a panel of judges at about 10.10 am.

The sentence was carried behind the closed doors and the families of the women, NGOs, media personnel were also allowed to see it.

This is Malaysia’s first sentencing on same-sex relations.
Malaysia follows a moderate version of Islam but Terengganu is one of its most conservative areas. Muslims are 60% of the total population in Malaysia.

Many groups have lauded the sentence as it was considered to be a major sin.

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