Malaysia: Mufti attacks ‘cow worshippers’ calls Modi government evil

Hindus in Malaysia were left angry after a Mufti named Asri Zainul Abidin attacked those who were out to get Zakir Naik.

Hindu groups in Malaysia have been demanding that the controversial speaker Naik should be sent back.

Attacking those ‘who were out to get their preacher’ the Malaysian Mufti crossed all boundaries and wrote on his Facebook account as ‘Friday poetry’:

“Those who idolize the cows as God unite, and call for our preacher to be fettered, to hand him over to an evil government that worships the fire, practices the sati, burning widows, in that continent, a teaching that divides humans into castes.”

The attack on Hindus in Malaysia with a cow should remind one of the 2009 cow head incident where extremist Malaysian Muslims, to protest against the construction of a Hindu Temple, marched with a chopped head of a cow.The Temple construction was being protested against as it was considered un-islamic as the majority of the residents were the Muslims.

The protesters spat and kicked at the cow head to show their anger.

In 2014, a severed cow head was placed outside Penang lawmaker RSN Rayer’s house in Malaysia.

With Asri’s poem, it is clear that he does not value the cow worshipping aspect of Hinduism.

He made it clear in the post below where he wrote that no rational Malaysian would find cows sacred and revere them indirectly attacking Hindus again.

He also said that the poem was an attack on Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his government for killings of Muslims for the slaughter of cows.

But what will he say on those who chop a cow head and walk through the streets to show their disgust for fellow nationals?

Prof. Dr. Ramasamy slammed the Mufti and wondered who educated him on Hinduism but he said that there are “indications that he could have gathered all the negatives about the religion from his “Mahaguru” Zakir Naik.

Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy has been quoted by the Free Malaysia Today as saying ““If he (Asri), a learned person in Islam, can issue such a poem, inciting and hateful, what about ordinary people?”

The same newspaper also quoted Malaysia Hindu Sangam president RS Mohan Shan who said that Mufti Asri’s remarks reveal “stupidity” of someone with no knowledge of Hinduism. He also said that Hinduism respects every human being and soul in this universe and thereafter.

Where does Malaysia stand on pork?

Cadbury Malaysia had to pull out its Dairy Milk hazelnut and Dairy Milk roasted almond bars from shelves after the Malaysian Health Ministry found traces of porcine DNA in the products, which were labeled as “halal.”

If a company has to sell products as halal for Muslims to eat, then the meat must be killed in a specific way and it cannot include any pork, which is classified as “haram” in the Quran. But while all this is acceptable, cow worship is seen as being the only benchmark of being called superstitious.

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