Hindu Goddesses inspire artist to make powerful statement on women rights

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Hindu Goddesses are often taken as an example of women empowerment but now they are being used as an inspiration by a female artist to make a more hard-hitting statement.

The question that these shots, based on Hindu Goddesses, below would evoke is simple; should women be covered up to keep the men virtuous when women are the embodiment of strength, knowledge, and wealth?

In Malaysia, a group threatened to spray paint women who would come to Thaipusam festival in inappropriately dressed. A controversy broke out and the man behind the group was arrested within days, however, many felt that the situation is getting out of hand with men dictating what women should wear.

Ruby Subramaniam, a Malaysian artist, wondered that if the “clothes don’t make the man” and so why should they have to make the woman?

And thus was born the #ThisBodyIsMine. An art project set to address, in her words, the social stigma on women’s attire. She put artists in the attire of the Tridevi Hindu Goddesses and thus was born the silent revolution that is sure to help not just Hindu, but every woman, across the globe!