Mauritius: 9 Goddess Kali Temples attacked

Mauritius woke up to the desecration of Hindu Temples on 30th October.

On Sunday, 29th October, 9 Temples of Hindu Goddess Kali were attacked at night all over Mauritius.

Animal parts and oil were spilled all over the place to desecrate the Temple premises. Hindu Youth Council of Mauritius condemned it calling the perpetrators ‘terrorists’ and said that “they have attempted to bomb up the Mandir of Highlands with a Gas cylinder, but by God’s Grace, they did not succeed.”

It also said that this was planned act and coordination of “several terrorist teams.”

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Hindu Youth Council said that “there has been a long history of acts of terror in Mauritius against the Hindu Community. A recent report stated that there are approximately 5000 to 6000 dormant extremists in Mauritius and a high risk of terrorism.”

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It also listed these acts against the Hindus in Mauritius which have been presented without any editing:

1. The most sacred place of Mauritian Hindu Pilgrimage, Grand Bassin/ Ganga Talao had been vandalised and tagged with terrorist graffiti with paint on Temple walls – No arrestations.
2. Vandalism of Tookay Temple (historic Temple of Mother Durga in Mauritius) had been destroyed and caught on tape- the 2 vandals, one of which was a police officer were released on bail after one month.
3. A series of Temples in the south were destroyed within the same week including the Temple of Chamouny. – No arrestations.
In 2016 –
1. A terrorist member of ISIS sent recruitment videos for Mauritians to enroll with them.
2. Threat letters had been sent to the Prime Minister – arrested innocent Hindu person to divert attention.
3. Gun was fired on French Embassy and the ISIS name was tagged with paint on the walls – innocent Hindu was arrested to divert attention.
4. Temple in Tranquebar was destroyed and vandalised with oil and animal meat and painted ISIS and other threats on the walls – No arrestations.

The Hindu Youth Council said that “it is very alarmed by the inaction of the authorities to deal with the matter of terrorism and social unrest in the country. We also wish to highlight the almost non-existent media coverage of the above-mentioned matters. We take the opportunity to request the authorities to place security cameras all over the country to prevent this recurrent Hindu bashing.”

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Anil Kumar Bachoo who is the former Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius condemned this attack on Hindu Temples and called this act the “the most heinous and atrocious which have been perpetrated in Mauritius.”

In a statement, he said that “after the profanation of Maa Toukay’s Temple a few years ago, this is yet another atrocious act that has been committed. The perpetrators of such crime should not be spared. It appears to have been an organized gang which has been taking a sense of sadistic pleasure in performing such acts of blasphemy against our Kalimaye (Goddess Kali is referred as Maye or Mother) Shrines.”

He also demanded police action and said that the Police should find and take immediate action against such criminals.

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Further, he said that “We have a multiplicity of cultures, religions, and languages in this peaceful country. Let us not spare anyone who dares’ touch the harmony that prevails in our island.”

Meanwhile, the Mangal Mahadev Shakti Swaroopa Association held an urgent meeting where it was unanimously decided that the organization will contribute within its means to the rebuilding of all Kalimaye Shrines that have been destroyed.

Bachoo said that “we sincerely hope that all Mauritians will help our dear brothers and sisters who selflessly and piously dedicate their time and money to maintain and run these Kalimayes. May Kali Maa not spare these cowards. Peace.”

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