Hindus want different religions prayers in Mississippi public schools

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New Delhi, February 02, 2023: Hindus very much like the idea of daily prayer in Mississippi public schools as long as it includes the prayers of diverse religions and denominations practiced in Mississippi and the nation and the expression of non-believers.

Talking about prayer; distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement today, said that a reverent petition for help or expression of devotion-love-praise-thanks addressed to an object of worship was important, intensely valuable, significant and uplifting to many of us. Prayer for common good helped us to grow in holiness and prayers from diverse traditions offered opportunities for creating harmonious communities.

Sometimes described as pilgrimage of the spirit, heartfelt communication or establishing rapport with the deity in the form of prayer could be highly meaningful to many. Petitioning/pleading the God through prayer for the benefit of everyone helps us to flourish in piety, whichever religious perspective the prayers come from. Since all life comes from God, prayers help to link us to God, with the expectation that God hears us and blesses us; Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, explained.

Rajan Zed indicates that all Mississippi public schools; like US Senate and House, Mississippi Senate and House, various county commissions and city councils across Mississippi; should start the day with a prayer which should be optional for students to attend so that nobody feels coerced into it. Prayer should be rotated among various traditions and non-believers should also be included in this rotation at the Mississippi public schools to say their viewpoint, so that no student feels left out.

The plurality of religious traditions has come to characterize the nation. There is a need to energetically engage with pluralism, actively seek understanding across the lines of difference and remove our ignorance of one another. Listening to prayers from seriously diverse faiths would make Mississippi students well-nurtured, well-balanced, and enlightened citizens of tomorrow; Zed notes.

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These diverse invocations will strengthen society and display respect for religious liberty and pluralism. These can also lead to scope for positive dialogue; which brings us mutual enrichment, assists us to see interconnections and interdependencies, helps us overcome the prejudices- stereotypes-caricatures and create bridges of understanding; Rajan Zed adds.

Zed further said that we needed to find a common ground on this issue where various religions and denominations could find equitable representation in the school prayer and non-believers could be offered an opportunity of expression where no deity was invoked or petitioned.

Rajan Zed has delivered invocations before the city councils of Jackson, Biloxi, Columbus in Mississippi remotely in the past from ancient Hindu texts, reading in Sanskrit and then interpreting in English. These contained verses from world’s oldest extant scripture Rig-Veda.

According to a Washington DC based nonpartisan fact tank Pew Research Center, Mississippi and Alabama are among the most highly religious states in the nation, where 77% of adults are highly religious.