Om on sandals anger Pakistani Hindus

Tando Jam, June 19, 2016: Pakistani Hindus are angry as yet again their sacred Hindu symbol Om has been insulted in Pakistan.

A shoe shop named Zeb Shoes, owned by a man named Jahanzaib Khaskhili in Tando Adam, Sindh, Pakistan is selling shoes which has Om symbol atop as the design.

Interestingly, Pakistan has stringent Blasphemy laws which many of its supporters say is for all the ‘religions’ yet, the culprits from the majority community are rarely booked under it.

With regards to Om symbol sandals, this is not a new occurrence and this has happened in the past in the Mirpurkhas as well and in that case too despite protests by Pakistani Hindus, nothing happened.

Om Sandals are being sold on daily basis in the shop with hurt Hindu community hoping that online activism may help it get these sandals removed.

Pakistani Hindus are merely 2% of the total population now and many are migrating to India due to religious discrimination.

The ruling party of Sindh is Pakistan People’s Party which considers itself to be a secular party, however, it has largely failed to uphold the secular principles and an increase in the number of Islamic seminaries here, that ridicule other faiths, is also a problem when it comes to securing an apology in such matters.