Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif compared with Jesus Christ! (Video)

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Pakistan’s Minister of State for Law and Justice Barrister Zafarullah Khan said Sharif family would be vindicated from Panama Papers issue. This will provide much-needed relief to the Sharif family.But while doing so he crossed the red-line when he compared Nawaz Sharif, accused of corruption, with none other than the pillar of Christian faith, Jesus Christ.

Anjum James Paul in a statement to condemned the comparison with Jesus Christ and said:

“I condemn this statement of Barrister Zafar Ullah in which he quoted example of Lord Jesus Christ’s betrayal by Judas Iscariot and compared Him with accused political figures. We demand a legal action by our political leaders & the government as per law.”

In Pakistan, blasphemy against Islam remains a sensitive topic and many Christians have had to pay with their lives when they have faced the charges of committing blasphemy against Islam, however, the blasphemy by Muslims against other religions does not evoke strong condemnation.

Video where you can see what for Law and Justice Barrister Zafarullah Khan said in the press conference on 10th July:

It is to be seen whether the over enthusiastic Pak Minister would apologize or face charges for this comparison with Jesus Christ but it has again brought to light the double standards on blasphemy in Pakistan.

Namta Gupta