Pakistan’s march towards honour killing, outspoken Qandeel Baloch killed

Multan, July 16, 2016: Pakistani starlet Qandeel Baloch who rose to fame with her provocative statements, videos, and pictures and was rumoured to have been considered for offers from Bollywood has been strangled to death by her brother.

The news has been reported by Dawn and cites Multan police as the source.

Earlier, Qandeel Baloch was being threatened after she exposed a prominent Islamic cleric Mufti Qavi.

She used to be abused by trolls for her failing to maintain Islamic standards of modesty in an increasingly radicalized Pakistan.
The brother in question has also been threatening her and recently Qandeel Baloch had revealed that she was married and had a troubled time.

Yesterday she had posted this message:

As a women we must stand up for ourselves..As a women we must stand up for each other…As a women we must stand up for justice

“I believe I am a modern day feminist. I believe in equality. I need not to choose what type of women should be. I don’t think there is any need to label ourselves just for sake of society. I am just a women with free thoughts free mindset and I LOVE THE WAY I AM. 🙂 “

The question is who will stand by her now in the pursuit of justice?