Sindhi nationalist kidnapped in Pakistan, state role feared

Kehar Ansari, Sindhi Nationalist, Sindh, Pakistan, JSQM, GM Syed

New York, April 29, 2016: Sindhi nationalist’s kidnappings rarely make any news.

Many are being killed by state agencies like ISI and other hidden forces who are curbing the cry of freedom that Sindhi nationalists are trying to raise from Punjabi-dominated Pakistan.

Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) which is a nationalist political party in the Sindh province of Pakistan has had several of its leaders being killed by state agencies and now its voice chairman advocate Kehar Ansari is nowhere to be found in Pakistan while his family is fearing for the worst.
The Sindhi nationalist’s abduction came to light on 23rd April, 2016 and some say that he was picked by some undercover policemen, but so far, he has not been produced  before any court. So what happened to him and where he is, are the questions that his comrades are asking right now.
JSQM was founded by GM Syed, in the year 1972, who felt the need to raise this party after seeing that Pakistan, dominated by Punjabis, would not do any justice to the province. Pakistan People’s Party is currently ruling the province and claims to be the de-facto voice of Sindhis, but it has failed to address their aspirations is largely seen with contempt in the Sindhi nationalist circles.
Just a few days back another Sindhi nationalist, Karnani Shafi, was bumped off ‘allegedly’ by state agencies but no one has since been brought to justice in this murder either.
Although Sindhi nationalism is not like Baloch nationalism, yet Pakistani state agencies do not allow them to function as they fear disintegration and a re-run of 1971 after which Pakistan’s eastern part became independent. Sindhi nationalists of several hues have been asking India to help them get freedom from Pakistan but so far India has chosen not to pay heed to these voices.