Sindhi nationalist murdered, friends point at Pakistan

sindhi nationalist, Karnani Shafi, Pakistan, ISI, murder, Pak Army

New York, April 7, 2016: Murder of a popular Sindhi nationalist has angered the Sindhi community in Pakistan.

The Sindhi nationalist is none other than popular figure Karnani Shafi.

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA-east coast) in a statement said:

We strongly condemned the brutal killing of the real son of soil and Sindhi nationalist leader Shafi Karnani and demand for bringing the culprits to the justice. We also express our deep sympathies to the bereaved family.

Jeay Sindh leader Shaffi Mohammad Kernani was shot dead on April 5th, 2016 allegedly by ‘unknown’ people but people are pointing towards state agency of Pakistan, ISI .

This is the picture of his dead body:

sindhi nationalist, Karnani Shafi, Pakistan, ISI, murder, Pak Army

Pakistani agencies play a huge role in killing Sindhi nationalists but at the same time the Sindhi nationalists will have to go back to take the help of the state of Pakistan in order to get the crime investigated.

Sindhi nationalism is a non-violent struggle which demands ownership of resources of Sindh be given to the Sindhis. The Sindhis are mostly liberal unlike the radical Pakistanis in Punjab.

Baloch freedom fighters also say that they are being killed by Pakistan and look to the outside world for help. But so far, they too have remained largely unsuccessful in drawing world attention to their plight. Worse, the Baloch ethnic cleansing has even failed to draw the attention of the Muslim world which is extremely shocking.

But why was Karnani Shafi killed and that too all of a sudden? It is no secret that Pakistani agencies including ISI and Army use target killings to instil fear into the people who become ‘headache’ but this Sindhi nationalist was peace loving and had never threatened to take the violent route. So why was he killed? This is a question that all Sindhi nationalists will be thinking over and perhaps a change of strategy is needed as well.