Threatening letters from IS create panic among Bangladesh Hindus

Islamic State, Bangladesh, minorities

Dhaka, July 18, 2016: Bangladesh government is denying that there is any presence of Islamic State in its territory but yet, Dhaka attack and attack on Hindu Priests has been claimed by the draconian terrorist organization.

On Thursday (14th July 2016) a threatening letter issued under the name of IS (Islamic State) was received by the Puja Ujjapan Committee at Cox’s Bazar District in the evening by post.

The letter warned Puja Ujjapan Committee of simultaneous attacks on ten temples at Cox’s Bazar and said that all non-Muslims must get ready to convert by July 30th, 2016 or else the IS will attack these Hindu Temples in Bangladesh:

1) Brahma Mandir

2) Kali Bari

3) Sawasati Bari

4) Loknath Sevasram

5) Anukul Sevasram

6) ISKCON Temple

7) Krishnananda Dham

8) Shankar Math

9) Ramakrishna Temple and

10) Adinath Mandi at Moheshkhali Upazila in the Cox’s Bazar

Further, the letter said that jihad will continue until and unless the non-Muslims are converted to Islam and that all Hindu Purohits, religious leaders, and the head of the Temple management will be attacked.

Taking the threat seriously, a general diary was made by Advocate Ranjit Das of District Puja Ujjapan Parishad before the Cox’s Bazar Sadar police station.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) also contacted the Superintendent of Police, Cox’s Bazar who said that the necessary protection has been given in this connection. The Officer-in-Charge of Cox’s Bazar police station over the phone who confirmed that a general diary has been filed by the Puja Ujjapan Committee for protection.

While Bangladesh was still debating the Cox’s Bazar letter, another threat letter has been sent to the “Shree Shree Pashanmoyee Kali Matar Mandir ” in the Barisal District saying that the Hindu Purohit of the Temple will be murdered soon.

The letter was discovered in one of the plates of puja and a Purohit who came to do puja in the morning on Friday. Many Hindu priests have fallen prey to violent attacks which have been claimed by Islamic State yet the government of Bangladesh is denying its presence while it is also failing to provide security to the minorities.

One question arises, if Bangladesh has no IS presence, then, are these, the work of its own home-grown terror outfits which are doing as efficient a job as IS?