Once a victim of forced conversion, the Hindu girl reunited with family!

Forcefully converted Hindu girl will now be able to live the life that she had wanted all thanks to Justice Mr. Aziz Rehman of the High court of Sindh, Hyderabad.

The Hindu girl was renamed Sohni after forceful conversion to Islam but the underage Hindu girl did not lose her hope or heart.

5-year old Hindu girl forced to convert in Pakistan

When little’Sohni’ (When she was Hindu, she was known as Marvi) was asked to say with whom she wanted to live with, the Hindu girl looked up at her mother Reshman and her brother who was fighting for her in their limited means.

Sohni was recovered after an earlier order dated 13th March 2017 was passed for her recovery. The court realized that Sohni wishes to go back to her family and hence, as per her ‘desire’ and ‘wish’ she was set free.

Thousands of girls of Hindus, Christians and even minuscule communities like the Kalash become victims of forced conversion in Pakistan. Sohni is as lucky as Aneela who was abducted from Kali Mandir of Hyderabad and threatened to convert to Islam or face consequences. But on July 23rd, 2016, she appeared before the court of Additional Sessions Judge No.8 Hyderabad and told him that she was kidnapped and forcibly converted and that she would like to go back to her parents.

The statement helped the judge to deliver the decision in her favour and she was freed to join her family.

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